Our Mission & Vision

West Orlando Celebrate Recovery offers Christ-centered healing and freedom through genuine connections, biblical teachings, and profound life change.

Who We Help

Celebrate Recovery fosters a nurturing environment where you can address and overcome diverse issues at their roots, promoting healing and a sense of belonging in a supportive community.

celebrate recovery west orlando anger icon


Explore ways to understand and channel anger constructively in a community that supports personal growth.

celebrate recovery west orlando codependency icon


Find freedom from codependency and reclaim your self-worth. Heal and learn to set healthy boundaries.

celebrate recovery west orlando food body image icon

Food & Body Image

Find freedom from food & body image struggles in a community that understands you & your needs.

celebrate recovery west orlando love relationship addiction icon

Love & Relationship Addiction

Find healing and worth beyond love addiction in a community that addresses depression, isolation, and trust issues.

celebrate recovery west orlando eating disorders icon

Sexual Addiction For Men

Learn how to overcome sexual addiction with our supportive guide. Start your healing journey today!

celebrate recovery abuse icon

Sexual Addiction For Women

Explore how to overcome sexual addiction with our supportive guide. Start your healing journey now!

celebrate recovery west orlando child dysfunction icon

Adult Child Of Family Dysfunction

Heal from a tough childhood marked by neglect or conflict. Transform survival habits into strength and peace.

celebrate recovery west orlando alcoholism icon

Chemical Dependency

Discover how to overcome chemical dependency with our supportive guide. Start your journey to recovery now!

celebrate recovery west orlando mental health icon

Mental Health

Join a community that supports your mental health journey, offering tools and help you navigate life’s challenges.

celebrate recovery west orlando gambling addiction icon

Gambling Addiction

Find a supportive community where you can gain control and start a new chapter in your life.

Monday Gatherings

Jumpstart your week to connect, heal, and grow with folks facing similar struggles. Embrace a new you in a supportive community.

Live Stream

Never miss a Monday! Connect online, share your journey, and tackle your challenges. Ideal for new faces or regulars on the go.